About Us

We are on a move to make India’s Digital marketing strong and more responsive with quality of conversion activations. Started in 2016 our aim is to help our publisher & advertiser partners to grow mutually to get maximum business & revenues all together.

Doesn’t matter if you are a new player or top player in market, everybody needs scale and more revenues and you are welcome if you agree on this thought and we will put our best efforts to make you successful in Digital space.

Our aim & mission is to provide you fully services digital marketing service platform for all your needs at one place.

So, lets come together and help each other to to grow together to succeed together!

Why Choose
SNAL Digital Media

Both publishers and advertisers love SNAL Digital Media becaucse we have features like:-

  • FREE Affiliate/Advertiser Sign-Up
  • Global Advertising & Monetization Opportunities
  • 24/7 Support
  • Real Time Tracking & Reports
  • Web, Mobile & Video Campaigns
  • On-Time Payments
  • Flexible Payment Terms & Options
  • Referral Bonuses & Incentive Schemes
  • Advertisers meet top publishers in all domains
  • API solutions for publishers
  • New Customer reach & scale for Advertisers
  • Works within Advertiser Budgets

What We Do?

We at SNAL Digital Media helps:-

  • To reach right audiences at right time in minimum cost and more effectivity to gernerate more ROI.
  • To get their choice of products and brands at just one click away. Instantly access to thousands of products and services all over the globe for different categories.
Digital Marketers/ Publishers
  • To monetize their inventories to earn more commission and to have more monetization opportunities all together.


Ready to Reach Right Audineces with Right Targeting at Right Time
SNAL Media a leading CPA network in India with global coverage helps our advertiser partners to reach their targeted audiences with the help of SNAL’s advanced targeting in different modules like over Web, Mobile & Video.

SNAL Media will help you to strategize your digital marketing plannings, help you to scale up your growth and push your business to next level. Get connected with us and take the benefit of partnering with us:-

Attract Rich Publishers & Digital marketers

We will help you to deciding your product commisison so to attract a rich pool of publishers globally to boost your conversions and your ROI at the end.

Global Audience Reachability

We have a rich network of more than 10,000 publishers across the globe, your product and services will be targeted across multiple categories over multiple channels effectively.

Attractive Affiliate Commisisons

Do not worry about the affiliate payout distributions and their payments, we have a strong account manager team who looks after the category wise & performance wise publshers & will take care of the extra burden over this part.

360 Degree Solutions

Do not worry about the marketing channels to cover, SNAL media is having 360 degree services to help you in reaching your audiences via different modes.

Excellends Support & Services

Get benefited with our rich experienced account managers and sales representatives who looks after your growth & success to make your brand a great success and to gain maximum ROI.

Powerful Advertisement

We make strategies according to geo, based on identities and based on audiences filetrization to make it real powerful and result oriented.


So, do reach ouver sales representative and get a quick call to sort out your queries and start working together, reach us at business@snaldigital.com



Digital platform to built and make complex operations simple and streamline workflows. Manage multiple stores, customers, inventories and sales from single platform. Easy to use and learn.

SNAL Media aims to give the maximum benefit to our publisher partners looking at the efforts and inventories they allocate for our advertisers and to keep this high we try to give our publisher maximum commission as we can and this can lead to as high as 85% or so.

You have a choice to choose from 1000’s of top converting and top performing with high payout campaigns all across the globe over Web & Mobile and promote them to get maximum commissions.

We try to keep our reputation of on time payments to motivate our affiliates and to keep this alive we follow different payment cycles like 7-Days, 15-Days, Monthly or Daily depends on publisher poetnatial and business flow. So, take benefit of our lower payment cycles and earn more commission.

We appreciate all te efforts our publisher partners making our advertiser conversions high and to make it more attractive we are giving 5% referral commission, more details will be there on the referral page.

We use one of best tracking in affiliate marketing industry i.e. CAKE tracking platform which is robust in all sense to count each and every single clicks, impressions, conversion to make sure all of your efforts be counted and paid.

We look forward to work with you and help you in earning more.

CPA • CPL • CPI • CPS • CPM • Rev-Share

Type of Publishers

You can be our affiliate if you are having Blog or Website or Mobile application and you are serious about online things.

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We work with all sort of Publisher whether they are:-

if you are a good content writer and speinding good times over Blogging or writing for some Editorial things then you can be our publisher and can earn a good amount of commisison.

If you are actively participate in Online Forums and different talks on Technology, Electronics, E-Commerce, health & beauty and other active topics, you can be our affiliate and can take advantage of your time spent online by earning good commission via affiliate Marketing.

If you are a good developer who is in coding or building great apps then you can utilize our Mobile campaigns and can earn commission by promoting our mobile campaigns.

If you have a pool of good news & entertainment sites, you can monetize your traffic from our variety of CPM, CPC, CPV ads and act as a super affiliate of SNAL Digital Media.

If you own any website or mobile app which offers different type of discount coupons or deals or cashback then you can be our affiliate and utilize our top & premium advertisers globally to earn payouts.

If you own good volume Incent mobile application or website you can be our mobile affiliate and earn very good commisison.

+ So many type of activities, we only need a publisher who is having online presence and having any sort of online portal, we welcome all such as a publisher at our end and look forward to help all those to grow and earn good money with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate marketing is one of the most preferred channel in digital market for both Advertiser & Publishers wherein the whole process revolves around three parties like Publishers (owner of websites & apps), Affiliate Netowrks (SNAL Digital Media-provides tracking & technology) & the Advertisers/Merchants (who want to advertise their product/services).
These CPA, CPL, CPL & CPM are the modules to work in affiliate marketing where CPA stands for Cost per Action/Acquisition, CPL (Cost per Leads/Enquiries), CPC (Cost per Click) & CPM (Cost per Mile or Cost per Mail Sent).
There is no shortcut to earn more commission, only way is to monetize yours online properties effectively and keep optimizing things to have more traffic which will give more conversions which leads to more commisison at end.
Best ways are to look for:-
Top converting verticals.
Top performing campaigns.
Best category as per your website/app.
Regular feedback and optimization.
We have different payment terms like:-
Net-7 days
Net-15 days
Net-30 days
Net-45 days etc which are totally vary from publisher to publisher and client to client.
Our minimum threshold for Indian publishers is Rs.2000 and $500 for outside India publishers.
No nothing except your websites & apps.
Advertiser terms and conditions varies client to client and offer to offer, so best suggestion is to keep looking before starting the offer promotion.


One of India’s self-made Indian Social Media platform.

Helo-India vision and mission to provide Indian made social media chatting platform instead of foreign. We provide extensive features and facilities for users to interact with each other.

Users will be able to access high quality videos which are from different categories including Jokes, Entertainment, Shayari, Bollywood and many others and can enjoy.

User will be able to browse a list of Trending content, videos, status messages and many others type of content shared by different users online.

Apart from normal browsing, Helo India is coming up with exciting Reward & Bonus schemes for users.

Helo India is coming up with a great features in which user can choose its own content and upload under his/her profile and can share with others over social media platform This will help his own created content to advertise and gain popularity.

With Helo India social media platform a user will be getting a great branding opportunity to show case his/her challenge in front of millions of users across globe. This will help him to earn money as well as fame.



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Please feel free to reach our advertiser experts and our publisher managers for all your queries and will help you ASAP.

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